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Hi my name is Red and I have just seen something horrible...

You see about 2 days ago I was watching Adventure Time just like millions of others but this time it, it, it just wasn't right...

I guess I should detail the episode then seeing as well thats what you came here for right?

Well here it is. Enjoy, if thats how twisted you are...

So it all started when I was looking for new episodes of adventure time. I was always interested in episodes that never made the final cut, or episodes with deleted scenes. They always interested me, so I went to my local Blockbuster, which was still open at the time, and bought a strange VHS tape. They told me to just, quote, "TAKE IT AND LEAVE ALREADY. GET OUT."

After I got rudely yelled at, by the employee, I booked it, with the VHS in my hand. I put it home, and stuck it into my VHS Player, and managed to port the file which plays the episode, into my pc. That's when it started.

The episode begins with the normal Adventure Time intro but then the screen just turns black. The screen remains black for about a minute until it shows Finn sitting inside a chair in the treehouse. His head lying on the table with no noise but the slight sound of crying. Jake nowhere insight.

The camera then zooms in on the carpet. The screen then flashes for a second playing an out of place frame. The frame had the exact same carpet but with cartoonish blood all over it as well as a yellow hand.

The screen then fades to black and then shows Princess Bubblegum giving a speech on top of a stage with a crowd of candy people watching and listening. In the corner of the large crowd was Finn standing there with bloodshot eyes not blinking one bit.

Princess Bubblegum then walks off stage into an alley. The screen flashes and shows Finn following behind. It then shows Princess Bubblegum's shadow facing another, the other shadow then pulls out a sword and holds it above its head.

Followed by a loud distorted scream and Princess Bubblegums voice cracking "I'm sor, so, sorr, sorry..."

The screen then fades out and shows Finn on his knees crying with Jake in his arms with what looked to be no eyes.

It then flashed and showed Princess Bubblegum cutting trimming bushes until Jake pops out of one Princess Bubblegum screams, and instantly out of shock, stabs Jake in the heart.

It then skips several frames and shows Jake lying on the ground slowly dying with Finn crying over his body and Princess Bubblegum standing frozen in shock.

The screen flashes yet again and shows Finn holding a knife, standing over Princess Bubblegum's body in an alley with blood all over him crying but at the same time smiling.

The screen then fades out and stays black for around 4 minutes until it showed Finn standing on a stool with a rope around his neck attached to the roof.

Finn then looks up to the roof and says laughing slightly "I'll see you soon..."

Finn then kicks the stool and snaps his neck, with the sound of Jakes regular laugh playing in a distorted way then Jakes voice says "See you in hell..."

Jakes face then instantly turns into the Liches for a split second with a loud horrific scream.

It cut to the credits, right after the screen, but it was entirely wrong. It was just a red background, with some fog in the background, covering the names of the creators. Strangely, there was only one name that the fog didn't cover. Erik Otteson. I assumed that they had a huge role in all of this. Who was this mysterious person? I don't know, but i'll find out more later.


It turns out that I have found some missing footage of the episode. This time, it was more dark than the original that I watched. I all began with the opening, but every single character, and sound, was just gone, until Finn and Jake was supposed to fist bump. Instead of silence, there was a loud beeping noise, which made my speakers mute itself, and they eventually broke.

I had to buy entirely new speakers, and replayed the episode, but this time, I muted the audio. After hearing that sound, my head just began to hurt so much... Even as i'm writing this, I feel lightheaded, but I need to see it all the way through.

When the title card played, I put my volume back on, but it played a strange track I have never heard before in the series, in what I could guess was G-Major. I'm not too sure, but this sounds way too familiar to me. It sounded almost like it was from an entirely different show. Oh yeah, I remember! It was a song from Over The Garden Wall.

Anyway, The episode was the exact same, but instead of a scream, there were pictures of... Things, that I don't want to describe. I have to. I can't hold back. It looked like a whole ton of kids, next to a strange figure, but with them being skinned alive. The faces were blurred, but everything else wasn't.

I went to the bathroom after that, and looked in the mirror. I looked like jake the dog, but realistic. I guess that was a good thing. I mean, I could do a whole ton of stuff like this. You know what? Screw it. This is the best VHS Tape ever!

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