A third encounter with Herobrine

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This story used to be on the Herobrine page on the Creepypasta Wiki. More info here.

I had started a new world, and spent two whole real world days making my house (mansion) look awesome. It had tonnes of windows, and went deep underground which gave me many resources and minerals. My brother kept going on my world and messing around when I was away, so I would make BIG changes when he was at a friends place. One day he went to the movies with a friend so I went on my PC and booted up Minecraft. Half an hour later I was called for lunch so I left Minecraft up and not in the menu. When I returned I noticed that most of my windows were destoryed and that some on my iron , gold and diamond was gone. Annoyed I wondered who did this, while replacing glass I saw a figure running away, confused I left my windows and ran after him. We went through countless biomes and it was getting dark when suddenly he turned around and I saw his face. It was the defaut skin with pure white eyes, I was terrified, I knew he couldn't actually hurt me but his face wasn't normal. He ran back in the direction of my house, back through the biomes, and when I returned home, there was a sign: "Do not follow me and I will never bother you again". When my brother returned he wouldn't believe me, but I kept the sign safe in glass casing and would always remember what happens when I leave the door open, "Herobrine" (which is what we seem to call him) will come, and next time, it might not be my items he will take...

Credited to Pgronert95

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