A close encounter with lol skeletons

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Toby, mat and Jacob were in front of the computer. They are reading Jeff the killer 2, (electric booga-liu). For those who don't know, Jeff the killer is a story based off of the story of the first fish to commit knife crimes. Jacob was petrified by the story's lacklustre scares. Mat went to microwave a delicious peperoni hot pocket and a large slab of roast beef covered in margarine. Jacob got fed up of reading Jeff the killer 2 and walks to the local Sainsbury's to pick up a copy of the daily mail. "Conkers worst fur day deleted by unknown foreigner". Jacob was absolutely bamboozled, how could someone delete Conker's worse fur day before I could do a bad creepy pasta episode on it. He was so angry he wrote a letter. And he sent it in comic sans.

Dear unknown foreigner

I am most displeased and unsatisfied with your actions towards us.

Two scone eating days later. Toby was at home playing super bob blood shine on my GameCube. He had a nostalgic feeling as it booted it up. The game ran normal at first. Then he noticed Mario. His red cap was black, his trousers were stained with blood, his eyes were black with aqua red pupils and they were bleeding hyper realistic vix vapour rub. Toby drank 8 shots of champagne and puked it all over mats trench coat. Jacob laughed hysterically. "What's so funny? Says matt." "What's funny is that you are covered in champagne. Meanwhile postman pat slotted a letter in their door hole. Jacob went to get the letter.

Dear Jacob.

I am going to kill your friends. To show them that they are fools


Jacob fell down with fear and shock. "What happened" matt asked "I got a letter from a guy called the admin" Jacob replied. "Why did you fall down" Matt asked. "It was written really loudly" Jacob replied. "Who wrote it" Matt asked "I got this letter two days after I sent a letter to the unknown foreigner who deleted Conker's worst fur day". Then a man busted down the door. It was Lol skeletons. He had a jellied eel in his hand. He has a metal suit with the letter c on it. His hat had handles on the head and had glowing blue eyes. He said in a robotic voice "you will be deleted, DELETE DELETE DELETE!!!!!!!" it all started to make sense. The robotic suit, the lack of emotion, the glowing eyes, the c on his chest, the metal handles" he was a bicycle! Jacob and mat ran up the stairs and took toby with them. Matt had a stitch halfway there and got out a pastry so he could keep running. They had to escape from Lol skeletons. They proceeded to jump out of the window. They hoped to land on the ground. Then they remembered...it was Tuesday! They floated outside and started to fly like superman. "You may be able to fly but I have allies" shouted Lol skeletons.

The toffee crisp vampire flue down from the sky. But this wasn't just toffee crisp. It was the tobeast from the parallel dimension where toby is a toffee crisp. Lol skeletons started to ride the tobeast. Tobeast tries to grab toby with his tentacles. Mat assumed a henti scene would enact, and he popped a boner. Toby thought this would be the end the bad creepy pasta cast, then he remembered, he was a killer cyborg from the future. He killed Lol skeletons in the most unspeakable way. With lasers. Lol skeletons burned like he was a bomb and exploded. His guts were all over the floor, and to this day my feet ache and open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur.

Then end

Written by Gilamasan‎
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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