A Simple Ritual

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It was a simple ritual. I found it on the dark web after days and days of searching. It was supposed to help bring back dead loved ones.

Step One: Prepare a bucket of chicken blood.

Step Two: Arrange a ring of white rose pedals around the bucket. They MUST be from white roses. Regular roses will not work.

Step Three: Light a candle in the room. Turn off all electric lights in your house.

Step Four: Cut Your Dick Off

Step Five: Set down in front of the bucket Indian-style and close your eyes. Recite the name of the dead loved one you want to bring back to life and picture their face. After that, do not reopen your eyes until you count to one hundred.

I did the ritual and it didn't work. I am now wondering if someone just posted a ritual requiring you to cut your dick off for fun. I kind of regret it.

Written by HopelessNightOwl
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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