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It's a Surprise I've seen this when I was at least a young teenager, most likely at least fourteen years old but I've remembered watching an Episode of Family Guy that still sparked my interest to this day. It was around 2006 and is still was one of the most weirdest episodes of Family Guy to this day. It was a Season 4 episode of Family that was titled "Peter goes for some Food." This was a really odd title for a Family Guy Episode. I watched this episode when it was Broadcasting. Anyway, let's get to this really strange Episode of Family Guy.

The Episode starts with the Usual Credits as always, as your usual famous theme song. The Episode starts like your family guy Episode, except there wasn't any music. I really didn't mind no music, even though it was kinda strange. The Episode began with Peter and Lois debating on what they should have for dinner. Chris and Meg wanted some Hotdogs, while Peter and Lois wanted your daily normal dinner. Brian didn't care about dinner and they chose your daily dinner. This made Chris and Meg disappointed.

It cuts to the dinner room where Peter and Lois began having some Ham and some Broccoli for dinner. It then cuts to a Cutaway Gag of Captain Jack Sparrow literally smashing a Computer with a Baseball Bat. It cuts back to Lois being disappointed that there wasn't any ham to the fridge. Peter then has enough money to go to some diner right near their house. They went to the car and drove towards the diner called "Free Food."

The Diner looks really nice to be honest with you, it has nice decorations and so on. However what was odd was just Peter, Chris, Stewie and Brian. Lois and Meg went missing all the sudden, the waitress comes to the dinner table with Peter, Chris, Stewie and Brian. They chose an order of food which contained burgers and other stuff. Peter says "Uh yeah, I'll choose some Cow with a Flat Cap." All of a sudden, the waitress shoots a Cow out and Peter gets injured. It cuts towards the diner outside and back inside with Peter and the Family. They are waiting for the burgers to be ready.

When the Burgers were done, Peter, Chris, Stewie and Brian were pretty excited since they waited for a while. When Peter eats a burger, he gets really confused on what he was eating. "Uh, what's in these things?" Said Peter. Brian responded "Doesn't seem that bad to me, it tastes like your average burger." What really grossed me out was the fact on how Peter Described what the Burger tasted like, he thought the burger tasted like Human Flesh with a taste of some coin. What's really disgusting, was the fact I could see an eye sticking out when Chris took the bite of the Burger. What really creeps me out, it winked towards the camera. Brian's thought the Burger tasted like an Actual Burger. The creepiest part is the fact Brian Griffin is a Dog.

"Oh God, what did I just Eat?" Said Peter, he looks into the burger and sees what appears to be an actual Finger inside the burger. I didn't see the finger, but Peter did mention what he just had found. The waitress then comes towards Peter, Chris, Stewie and Brian and hits them all in the head with some Beer Bottles. This leads to a First Person Camera Angle towards Peter getting dragged by this man towards some basement.

It Cuts back towards the outview of the family. I get to see the man that walked inside, He had some Blonde Fringe Up Hair, A Blue Autumn Jacket, A Black Beanie, Blue Jeans, a Moustache, and was a Caucasian Male. He introduces himself as A Man named "Robert Joseph Dilly." Robert Dilly explains to the Family by telling them "He was a Serial Killer who has Killed Eleven People by Either Poisoning or Strangling and turning them into Burgers."

Dilly then tells him to lure his Victims towards his Restaurant. This man however, did actually manage to Creep me out, his voice was really really Raspy and had these really Creepy Eyes that looked like a Snake.

His method of turning Humans into Burgers really reminds me of the Serial Killer Joe Metheny, the killer who turns people into burgers. I'm assuming this is what The Serial Killer of the Episode was inspired by. Robert Dilly also admitted to being a Forty Two year old man as well and actually had a Backstory. This was pretty much a Flashback from the Show. The Flashback starts with Robert Dilly getting hit in the head with a Baseball Bat at Age Five, his head was severely injured and was taken to the hospital from what happened. The next scene cuts to him bringing his stuffed Teddy Bear to his Room at around age Eight and Carves the Living Shit out of the Teddy Bear's Stomach and this was really really crazy. It cuts to him putting the Bear into some Toxic Waste Barrel. The next scene at age Eleven is when Dilly randomly has a wet dream of a Man Dying. Yeah, that was pretty gross on hearing that part. He also had joined A Reelection Campaign one time at age Twenty Six.

The Flashback then cuts to him owning the restaurant at age Thirty One. His first victim was a Man named "Martin Sotos." He lured him to his basement and shoved a bottle of beer with poison in him to kill him. We really don't get to see him making him into a Burger, but we do get to see him die. The next scene was his second victim "Craig Weston." Craig was also lured and was killed by being poisoned by Dilly. Except we do get to see his body getting turned into a Burger this time. It was a Silhouette of Robert Dilly putting his Corpse into a Meat Grinder. Those sounds of bone crushing really made me cringe a little. It cuts to The rest of the victims for a few minutes and then It cuts back to Peter, Chris, Stewie and Brian all tied together. It seems as though Robert Dilly was really excited to kill The Family. That was, until he was shot by Joe Swanson and he would then rescue the entire family. Unfortunately, Joe said to the Family That Meg and Lois were killed by Robert Dilly. The family really didn't care for some really strange reason.

And here's what I meant when It sparks my interest. After the Episode ended, it cuts to some photo blocked by Stewie Griffin's Head. While Stewie's Head Disappears, It cuts to some Man that has Words that all the sudden appears. The words write out "Dalibor Winchester." There really weren't any credits, just pictures of random people. Note, I wasn't too scared of the Episode but the Pictures really had me go down the Rabbit Hole and I'll tell you why after the Two other Pictures were transferred. The Second Image was a Second Man with the Words ``Keith Lenderhart" and then the last man had the Titles as "James Gorda." These Credits lasted at least four to five minutes. It's the fact that these people never and I mean NEVER ever existed. I did my search on the computer and never saw any evidence of Dalibor Winchester, Keith Lenderhart or James Gorda.

I tried looking up some News Source or some Backstory and never got to find anything. I tried to look these people up in detail, but there wasn't anything. Please note, these weren't members of the production of Family Guy. However this gets deeper and that's because if these were missing people, A Crime Investigation would be Launched as soon as possible and would be all over the news in my area. The people never have a Background and they somehow get photos only shown on a TV? I tried looking up this Family Guy Episode of these Three Guys but never found anything. It makes you think, who the fuck where these guys and did they ever exist with some backround?

The creepiest part is, Dalibor Winchester and James Gorda looking straight into my soul. This gets me some really Eerie vibes on two out of three people who aren't even real. They look like they want to kill you and I could feel it. I could feel them looking straight at me, I could feel them as they kept watching what I do and where I go.

I feel like I'm getting watched by two Fictional People who somehow had images of themselves.

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