A MGTOW's Nightmare Before Valentines Day

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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

Satirical story mocking MGTOWs.

The Day Comes Near

I look at my calendar. I soon realize that the day of reckoning is near.

Valentines Day.

It is the day where several mean suffer in agony as their souls are crushed by the creatures they call "women". These men are naive and believe that they might get laid or even fall in love. What they do not know is that these women are here to use them as toys for their own selfish desires. I feel sorry for these men since they are uninformed about the world around them.

However, I know better.

I've survived many Valentines Days before, and I cannot stand to watch my fellow men fall to these women's traps anymore. This year I will gather with my comrades from reddit and we will start constructing a male utopia far away from any civilization.

We Head Out In The Evening

I managed to meet with my comrades Dave and Zack, who agreed to come with me on my expedition to start a new male civilization. We grabbed our camping materials and drove out as soon as possible. After a couple of hours driving through the country, we spotted a rich green forest. This was a perfect spot.

However, nothing would prepare for us what I would face there that night.

We set up our large tent and lit a bonfire as well. We thought it would be fitting to start telling some spooky stories from our past while drinking some beer. Dave started off by telling us a story from his University days, when he still would go out on pointless dates with witches in disguise.

He told us about this girl who attended all the same classes as him. She was always trying to sneak a peek at Dave without being noticed.

But Dave did notice.

Dave described her as looking cute and having a perfect figure. At this point in his life he did what he would do: Ask her out on a date. She accepted, and that's when the downward spiral began.

They began to go on even more dates and develop a more intimate relationship. It even got to the point where Dave had lost one of his most precious things: His virginity. This continued until Dave would face one of the most terrifying horrors he would have to face in his life.

She broke up with him.

Chilled by the story that Dave had just told, I checked my surroundings to give myself a feeling of security. However, security is not what I found. I could see a light beyond some of the trees, as well as hear what I thought were some voices in the distance. I asked Dave and Zack if they were aware of this, and they told me that they did not notice until I told them. Dave agreed to go check it out since I was too much of a pussy to do it myself.

Left Alone

It had almost been half an hour since Dave had left to go check on the mysterious light in the forest. Zack and I were starting to get concerned about David's well-being, so Zack decided that he would go check out the mysterious light in the hopes of finding David.

I was now left alone.

I was vulnerable now. Anything Could pop out and attack me now without any worry. It could be a bear, a wolf, a Canada Goose that was really fucking mad, or even worse: A wild porn star. I would need to go out by myself to investigate this light, since I did not want to spend a single moment more in these woods without my comrades. I picked up the baseball bat that I had brought with me for protection, just in case I ran into any of those wild porn stars who would fuck anyone who wasn't careful enough. I started my journey through the dark stretch of forest, unaware of the horrors I would face by the time I would approach that mysterious light.

The Nightmare Begins

As soon as I was close enough to the light to know what I was seeing, I was horrified.

There were women.

A brightly lit RV was parked, illuminating the area to reveal all the horrors surrounding it. A bonfire, beer bottles... They must have practiced rituals around the bonfire and drugged unfortunate men with the beer. I observed a little longer, and my eyes immediately fixated on something once I realized what it was.

It was Dave getting his cock sucked.

I had to think of a way to get Dave out of there and fast, but it was already too late. I had tripped on a fallen branch and landed into an area that was visible to all of the witches that were present there. However, I did not expect Dave to speak first, but when he did, my only reaction was fear.

"Hey man, This trip was a great idea! We were able to find the wombs we need to produce more men for our new civilization! Why don't you join us and work on one of the other ones here as well? If you're curious, Zack is busy in the RV. Well, what are you waiting for?"

This was terrible. First it was Dave, but now Zack has also been seduced to become one of their mindless, zombie slaves. How would I save them now? If I didn't, this situation could become fatal for them. I realized that I could be selfish and just escape, but it was already too late for that option, since I took too much time to think. I could feel an arm go around my shoulder and hear a voice say, "you're my type, pretty boy". I could feel a bulge start to form in my pants, and when I looked to see who this person was, it was one of the camp women. Her outfit was revealing, causing me to be unnaturally drawn to her perfectly sculpted pair of tits. Her black magic was already taking effect on me, and before I knew it, I could hear my pants being unzipped.

The Witch Harvests Me

It wasn't long until my cock was sandwiched between her mouth-watering tits, but I still had to try and resist her black magic as much as possible. At this rate, she would succeed at harvesting me, only treating me as a resource. She became aware that her current black magic would not be enough, so she placed her tongue around my cock. At this point I started to feel like I was possessed and was helpless to stop her. Every second brought me closer to ejaculation and possible enslavement, making me terrified. It was at that moment I froze in terror when I could see my seminal fluid spill on her face.

I had just had my cock tittyfucked and sucked by a woman.

However, I realized it was no too late for me to escape. They had not yet drugged me with any of their beers, so I still had a bit of free will left. I ran back to the camp where I came from as fast as I could and got to my car. I drove off and thought I was clear, but the hell was far from over for me.

The Conclusion

I arrived back at my apartment, thinking that I was alone, but I was wrong. The woman had followed me and got in the back of the car. She now haunts my apartment and will never leave.

I never heard from Dave or Zack ever again. Those poor guys still must be slaves to those witches, if they aren't already dead from their life forces being used for the witches nefarious purposes. They will be missed among the honourable MGTOW community for their wonderful service. They made a sacrifice for our cause.

I may only have to deal with one demon, but that might be fatal. I never thought that I would have to deal with one of these creatures for the rest of my life, but that might be true now. I am now partially her slave, but I will try my best to reject her influence as much as possible.

Take this story as a warning fellow men. If you decide to go on an expedition for our cause, you could be next to fall victim to one of these hideous creatures. Take this warning very seriously, as I may no longer be alive by the time you see this.

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