A Goofy Movie (Alternative Ending)

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It was a nice autumn day and I was wondering why Disney keeps the Disney vault such a secret. I know that there is countless images of the vault but Disney makes sure to keep one vhs tape in the vault secret. My cousin (who works at Disney) told me that there is one vhs tape of a goofy movie that Disney wants nobody to know about. I asked him if he could bring the vhs of a goofy movie, He said he has a spare copy of it. I wanted to see what was so secret about one vhs tape, My cousin came in. I should say that I went to his house to talk to him. He had a vhs that looked rusty and old. There was so much dust on it. We cleaned it and put it into our vhs player. It started normal, In fact, everything was normal. Until the ending... Max attempts to grab the steering wheel. That was weird because max tells goofy where to go in the original movie. He made the car drive off a cliff. The car kept falling until it lands in water. The car got destroyed. Max was trying to swim, it looked like he was about to drown. I kept watching. He kept on going and going down the waterfall. Normally goofy would save him, goofy tried but failed really badly. Max was getting closer and closer towards the waterfall. He fell to his death. It wasn't shown that he died that it was implied that he died. Goofy was watching in terror he walked until he saw a person who was offering him a car. Goofy accepted. He drove off to his home. He got home and looked at max's old stuffed bear (yes, that name is canon). Goofy finds a spare gun and puts into his mouth and said his final words, "Goodbye, Disney" then shoots himself to death. I was shocked when goofy pulled the trigger. The credits rolled and at the end a quote came on. The quote reads: If you feel stuck, do what goofy did. -Walt Disney. I could not believe that Walt would say a thing like that. So I emailed Disney and they said that they didn't make the tape and that some hater of Disney made it. I asked my cousin if he made the tape. He wasn't there. Did he make the tape, I asked myself.

I drove off and watched the REAL version of a goofy movie. I heard a knock at my door. I looked at it and I saw a piece of paper. It said if you feel stuck, do what goofy did. I was tired of hearing that quote so I tossed it in my paper shredder. Now let me watch the real version of a goofy movie

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