A Ghost Gave Me Cancer

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I don't smoke, but most of my friends do, so I found myself out in the smoking area at midnight outside the club one night with my scarf wrapped around my face when a Dapper Skeleton offered me a cigarette.

"Oh no thanks," I said to the Bony gent. "Those give you cancer."

The skeleton shrugged.

"Fair enough old chap. I suppose if I had a body to get cancer in I wouldn't have started."

I frowned.

"But what about- Bone Cancer?"

The skeleton looked at me for a second. and then he screamed a skeleton scream that sounded like Lego yoda played on a xylophone.

He looked me in the eyes with his sockets.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" He moaned before exploding from cancer.

I walked home to wash off the bone dust when I found an Unhumoinodly tall figure waiting for me in the shower.

"Why u spoop my friend huh?" it asked me before it ripped my heart out and I died.

But when did the ghost give you cancer? U ask. Well, after I entered the afterlife it subscribed me to this subreddit.

Credited to scannerofcrap 

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