A Dream about Yoshi's Story

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I am a big Yoshi fanatic. I've played every game in the Yoshi series. Except one. Yoshi's Story. I wished I had it because the Yoshis in this game are just the cutest! Apparently at the time this story happened I didn't have a computer or laptop. If I did, I would download an emulator and the rom to play this game. But I did have an N64. A Pokémon themed N64. I seriously wanted to play Yoshi's Story on it.

Since I didn't have a computer to use, I went to my friends house to watch YouTube videos of people playing the game. I decided to go on eBay and buy the game. Unfortunately, nobody was selling Yoshi's Story. Dang. I then decided not to worry about it for now, and headed home, still wishing I had the game.

I had school tomorrow, so I had to have an early night. I was in bed, wide awake. I can't stop thinking about the game I'm after. Hours passed, and after 3:00 AM, I fell asleep. My dream seemed kind of normal, everything is fine, all these Yoshi posters and drawings around my bedroom are great. The sky is great. What could go wrong in this dream?

Then I noticed something on my bed pillow. I freaked out. It's a cartridge of a N64 game. It had no label, but it said: "Yoshi's Story 2". There's no such thing as Yoshi's Story 2, I thought. But I didn't care. So I took the cartridge and ran down to the TV in the lounge. My N64 was already hooked up and the TV was on the right AV setting. Weird. I put the cartridge in and started the game.

"Nintendo!" The cute Yoshis said as I started it. Just like in the original Yoshi's Story. I was full of joy. Everything was just like the original title screen, except the title had a 2 on the right side. But there was something odd. The music sounded strange, with long screams in it. Things looked a bit red too. This chilled my spine, but I wanted to play. As I hit the Start button on my controller, it instantly went to World 1-1, and I was playing as Green Yoshi. This must have been a hacked cartridge, because of the spooky title screen and the fact that Yoshi's eyeballs are completely red!

I moved Yoshi around and made him jump and stuff. His voice was deeper than ever. The Shy Guys I came towards didn't have masks. They had no eyeballs, just empty sockets. They had a grim look. When I hit the Help Block, it said the following message:


Why? I hit it again.


I hit it the third time. This time my screen went completely black. Another message came up after a few seconds.


This is what it looked like.

Then it showed my Green Yoshi sitting around happily, and everything was cheerful. A few seconds later, it went black again. Then it showed the Yoshi again. He was greyscale, and had two Yoshi sized eyeballs around him. His eyeballs were completely white, and he had no mouth. He looked very sad, and he was crying blood, which is the only colour part in the picture. His left hand is gone, with blood squirting out of his arm. His right arm is completely gone. His right foot isn't there either, but his boot is, in a blood pool. His left leg seems to be fine.

I couldn't bare to watch, because every second, it looked more graphic. I turned the N64 off. If you don't know what it looks like, I drew a drawing of what I saw.

Scared, I went back to my room. All my Yoshi posters and drawings had completely white eyeballs, no mouth, and everything else I saw in the picture. They were facing me. I saw writing on my window, written with blood.


I instantly woke up from the horrendous dream and looked around. All my posters and drawings were normal, except the one about Yoshi's Story. The Green Yoshi looked very disappointed. All of a sudden I saw a figure at the end of my bed. It resembled a Yoshi.

Credited to ComJacker
Originally uploaded on June 27, 2012

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