A Concerned Robloxer

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On July 26th, Roblox has changed permanently. I can no longer enjoy the game for what it was. I can not find happiness in a game that is empty and unable to fill the hole deep inside of me. The absence of the "oof" has led me down a dark road. The game doesn't shine as bright as it used to. As I sit here in my diaper, with my Mac and cheese and Lankybox blasting in the background, I am contemplating my life up to this point. It is no longer the life that I have lived, and honestly, it is not a life that I remember. This world isn't my world, and this game is no longer the game I once knew. I was planning on being a full time Roblox YouTuber and now that it's gone, I had to resort to a underpaid, dangerous factory job where I have lost a finger. The pain that I am suffering is no where near the pain of the "oof" being removed. This is where I say that it's the end. I lived a good life up to this point. I must reunite with the oof sound. I love you all, take it easy.

Signed, a concerned Robloxer

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