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Satire of the "Am I the Asshole?" posts on Reddit

AITA for relentlessly beating a homeless man after he asked me for spare change?

I, (24M) was just fired from my job last Wednesday for shitting in the urinal in the office, before you call me weird, I (24M) was feeling really frustrated and needed to let off some steam, it's just my way of dealing with things. Anyway, after my (24M) boss (65F) fired me, I left the building after repeatedly boxing her in the face.

After (24M) left the building, I noticed a homeless man near a wall begging for change, he noticed me (24M) and asked me for some money for a sandwich. I (24M) had already had it for the day, so I (24M) pulled him up by the hair and punched him 3 times in the nose and gave him a mean right hook to the jaw before slamming the back of his head into the wall a couple of times.

After I got home, I was beating my wife (19F) when the police knocked on the door, they said they were arresting me for "public indecency and assault and battery." Whatever that means.

Anyway, AITA?


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