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"The wind of change blew straight, into the crimson night. Like a pausing bell that would ring, the freedom belt has given us a piece of mind."

It's May the 5th of 2024. What a beatiful night of spring. It is really very beautiful to smell the scents and joys of this season. I could say that they make you feel like a little kid again, like going back to your childhood or something. Perhaps at the best time of your life. A time when you had no worries or fears and you were only looking to have a good time with your friends. You thought life was an adventure, after all, your parents took care of everything. As long as you were in your childish, and as someone would say now, silly mind, you thought you were going to be a superhero and conquer the world, that you were going to get rich and stuff like that. But over the years, those "midsummer night" dreams started to fade and you started landing back to reality. Landing slowly and steadily, as your dreams and wishes burned away to ash. And where did you end up? Employee in a fucking 9-hour job with a rubbish salary. What a surprise. You ended up like anyone else. Once we had dreams about this world and an urge to live and thrive, while now we are like resurrected zombies struggling to walk, and are all the time in front of our mobile phones and obligations, working like slaves to the "modern and reliable" system built over the years by the goverments to "protect" man. We then come back to our houses tired and are waiting for this torturous life to end, with no happiness about the gift that was send to us in our birth. The gift of life. Shit................How did we ended up like this?

To you that reads this, even though I should have probably mentioned that earlier, I assume you know what we are talking about here, don't you?

They now, these bastards, having enslaved humanity and made it like them, taking away from them the joy of life and making them only corpses who are just waiting for the time to die since they no longer have anything to enjoy as slaves, want to bring to earth a certain "good man" in Israel, a savior. And I bet you know who that cocksucker is.

This man will enslave humanity and will rule the earth for 7 short years, before his "creator" returns to earth to destroy him and judge the living and the dead. He will take the pure with him and send the damned along with their "Israeli savior". To fire and brimstone, forever. Thus, the earth will be destroyed and a new one will be created for the pure souls who lived their life as children. For them to enjoy it truly, away from the traps and hinders of the evil one.

But what about us? What will happen when this day comes? Where will we go? You know..........most of us, including you, are not pure. We are not prepared for what is coming, we are not.

Having all these thoughts in my mind, I fell into depression and started toying with the thought of suicide. What was the meaning of life after all? We are all damned. What do we live for, what?

Ah.......................Until I had this vision.

I won't tell you what I saw. It is better for you to guess it yourselves, after all the ones that gave me this vision are not very happy with much information being revealed to the outside public. The only thing I'am allowed to tell is that someone has pitied us and will give us a 30-year delay before the "Israeli savior" arrives. For us humans to better prepare. And it will probably all begin on the date I mentioned above. May the 5th of 2024.

As I said before, the time has arrived now. It is that day. I've never expected it come but here it is. I've waited only some months for this day but it felt like an eternity. No matter how cliché that sounded. I'am now in my old childhood room and I look outside the window to the beatiful spring night. I wait for the "feast" to start. It will probably be the best time of my life. It's almost midnight. That was the hour the "higher ones" told me everything will happen. The "news" will be heard everywhere. And so, I slowly open the radio that sits next to me and happily close my eyes and the show will begin momentarily.

The radio was somewhat old and did not start immiadetly, but soon the broadcast started.

- "Recently, we have information that Turkey has breached the Aegialite zone of Greece and is heading at an apparently menacing pace towards Evros with several war frigates and battle tanks. The Turkish government has not given any information about its actions, but the corresponding Greek government has started to take its measures as it is sending troops out to it's islands and as the minister said, they are ready for any eventuality. Are we likely to have another war conflict this time?"

From what I've heard, the journalist that spoke the news couldn't have been more than a young woman in her 20s. Another slave of the system. I assumed that she most likely was reading all this from a script or something. She sounded far too young and stupid to know all these events, let alone the reason behind them.

And then, an older man, probably around his 50s, which I assumed was her co-journalist or something, worringly whispered to her and said something that I will never forget. His voice did not sounded much clear through my old radio and the fact that he whispered only made it harder, but through my sharp ears, I managed to at least discren the important words.

- "Hey Josephine." The man said in a worrying tone.

- "What? Why are you whispering?" anwsered Josephine, who I now knew her name and assumed was the same journalist that spoke the broadcast. She seemed confused as she didn't knew why the man was whispering and not talking normally.

- "I don't know if the listeners must hear, but.............we have more news. I need you stay calm okay? Good.............There are rumors that the Russian army and aviation has invaded Israel, China and plans to arrive at the USA, Turkey and India in some minutes. They threaten to nuke us all."

The broadcast then closed abruptly. The emergency sirens then started to ring. I've heard them but it was too late now to do anything. The goverment was too late to inform us. But I accepted my fate. At least we were going to be sacrificed for a better young generation. An overall better generation.

I smiled as I heard the sound of military aircraft and then the direct sound of a nuclear emergency siren. First, it was just simple war sirens but now they had transcended to nuclear ones.

The minutes passed slowly as I was ready to accept the old world's end. My own end. But it did not really matter. I knew where I would most likely end up when I died but I was so depressed and tired from all these years of broken dreams, that I was ready to give it all if it meant that the new children would not expirience the same shit we went through. I sighed. It was like a "wind of change", a wind that would change the world. Even if it was temporarily, only for some decades, it was worth it. People would need to prepare for the evil one, whose his coming was going to be delayed. In the state the world was now, there was no time for preparing.

We were slaves, but in the new world people would be free and would have much more time than we did. I imagined one last time the happiest moment in my life. When my father took me in the park back in the 1970s, where I met my friends. We had many happy moments together, until the system consumed our happiness and took it all away. We split. For some time, I had some secret fear and even regret for what would happen, for what I was going to not experience, but now it was over. No child deserves to live in this demonic system. It was enough. I squezzed my hands and was ready for the bomb to fall. I would die, but at least the new people would experience a better life. I was in my 50s now and had worked as a marine for many years. I went through hell in the army and was by that time very mentally tough, but these thoughts bended me. They made me cry, both from hapiness and sadness. A new future was on the way. It would bring many benefits, but I won't be here to see it.

"The wind of change blew straight, into the crimson night. Like a pausing bell that would ring, the freedom belt has given us a piece of mind." Yeah, I modified the lyrics but it did not matter. It happened.

Credited to Tarmanian

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