3DS Story - Restart Madness!

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Super Mario 3D-Land

It was Friday, November 2011, 9:32 Pm. My parents were at work, so I broke out my good old 3DS and played super Mario 3d land that I got on the 6th (I think). I beat the main story, so I'm playing as Luigi, what? I like Luigi.

Anyway, I was playing on the hard mode world 3, on the level that is a mix-up of a ghost level and a snow level. The one with crumbly ground and Dry Bones, yeah, that one.

Into the story, I was so close to the flag. The suspense was adding up, I missed the second ledge when it fell, I wall jumped of the wall, landed on the other ledge, the ledge came back. I jumped on it, got on the last ledge, I jumped and...

...I fell off the ledge into the pit. I FELL OFF THE LEDGE INTO THE PIT!!!!!!! "DARN IT!! LUIGI! YOU SUCK!" I yelled at my 3ds. Oh well I'll just restart at the checkpoint...

"The card has been ejected. Please press the home button and restart the console." It said. GAH! I check my 3ds for the card, it was still there, as usual. I tried again, trying a different level, but I decided to get the thing from the toad house. Luigi was failing to get the box. "Get the thing, dude!" after several minutes, I was getting mad "DUDE! DUDE!! DUDE!!! GET THE STUPID THING, DARN IT!!!".

"An error has occurred, please turn the power off and restart the game". I'm done playing this game, let's try a different game.

Pokemon Heart Gold

Ok, that Mario thing was weird, but I'm playing Pokémon heart gold, I'm at mt. silver, about to beat red, when I'm going into the last section of the cave. Right before I entered the trainer red section, where I encountered my 100th Pokémon in my pokedex, a sneasle, a SHINY SNEASLE! I send out my strongest Pokémon, a lv 59 Porygon, *Error 72*, it used shadow ball, which brought it into the low-green, which if I used twice, it'll be in the low red, good for catching, unless a...

..."Critical hit!"... Of course... I mad because not only did I miss a shiny, but also my 100th pokedex Pokémon. "PORYGON! GAH!"...then guess what happened. The Power turned OFF. Not just off, but when I took it out. It was HACKED into pieces. Well that's it. Thanks for reading!

(this story was half real, only the super Mario part was real)

Credited to ToA$t 
Originally uploaded on November 26, 2011

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