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The year is 20XX. All memes are sourced from Reddit. The only means to create meaningful and achievable entertainment using a singular image is with a relatable notion coupled with a singular subtitled frame of video from the Avengers movies. Any other meme template ever introduced had been sucked dry by the meme connoisseurs and no longer holds any significance in comparison to Avengers memes. We now resort to milking every sentence spoken by Thanos and every frame of video that depicts Thanos within every meme crevice of the world for the sole individualistic purpose of gaining likability or Karma. Posting Thanos saying "Perfectly balanced, as all things should be." is optimal, and posting anyone else from the Avengers movies such as the Hulk saying "I see this as an absolute win!" is suboptimal. The title of each meme post made by someone is either a personal response to their own meme or a vague reference to another meme, since originality is no longer an option. There is no other way to induce relatability, create enjoyment, accentuate collective interest, or invoke laughter with a memetic PNG file.

Credited to neu_64 

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