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What day is it?...

I woke up and checked my Phone. It was Tuesday 22 in February. 2022. just a weird date I asked.

After Eating breakfest I open my Laptop and press the tab searching for news. I was surprised when there's events happened like a baby born in this day and other things I saw. Then I heard my phone Ringing.

I picked it up and called. mostly my parents. well It wasn't them. their Names where "22".

I'm confused for some reason that it's my Dads calling me or a scam. I decide to decline until I go back on the computer. I realized that the clock was 2:22. It still not moving.

This is getting strange. 3 minutes later I was working for my job in the laptop which I said it before. I hear the same call again once. I was thinking That I should call the answer. the name was same. So I accept and called whats the person is going to tell me. He responded with 22.

Um what does that mean? I said to that caller. He still said that same number. it just repeats again and again. I was annoyed by this really weird thing. Ending the call I went back to the laptop I was.

Night Arrived and I go to sleep. I lay down in the bed closing my eyes shut. I began to feel unsettling in my mind. I hear Whispering far next I was at. IT said "2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2". It was going to say again like the phone call did. This is until I woke up. It was a nightmare. I looked in my phone and it was 23.

Since yesterday I was felt that 22 is kinda strange date in my house. but what is 22?

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