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This is a sequel to a Scary.rar

Hi, my name is Jack, I'm the person who got infected by the Scary.rar virus. My computer is working fine right now, have you ever heard of 2+2.bat? It's a clone to Scary.rar, here, I'll tell you the FULL STORY.

Chapter 1 - The Infection

I got Malwarebytes, after I got the virus. Anyways, a few weeks later, I'm doing my normal thing. Using my computer, looking at the web, playing games, blah blah BLAH. One day, I was downloading one game on the dark web, Tor exactly. The game was called simply "Don't Download." I decided to download it, my dumb mind thought it wasn't dangerous, So I downloaded it. Oh boy, Jesus fucking christ, I REGRETED IT.

Chapter 2 - The Program

When I clicked the file, it asked permission from Windows to run this program, when I clicked "Yes" it turned off my computer WITHOUT the "Sign-off" screen. One second after I clicked it. My computer turned on like normal, except the Windows logo was there, and instead of saying "Windows" it says "Don't look behind you"

So I turned around and I fell into a coma in less than a second. So, I woke up in a house. With no one in front of me. All I see is pitch black. Then everything starts flashing and giving me a seizure. From what I remember, Malwarebytes did NOTHING to protect my computer. Suddenly, a dark black figure grabs my hand, I yelled "WHO IS DRAGGING ME?" I saw nothing. Suddenly, the figure blew up into scorpions, I started running for my life. I was yelling "Please, protect me! Don't spare me!" Then, I jumped into a portal, returning back home INTO my bed.

Chapter 3 - Final Chapter

I woke up, in my bed, remembering what happened. I wasn't in a dream, this was all real. I suddenly decided to destroy my computer, I got a new one with my hard-earned money.


This was my 1st post I made on here, if you want to add any comments, feel free to. I'm happy to take ideas.

Written by Cappywikis
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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