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Here's the last photo I found in the game files

On March 20, 2011 I signed up on ROBLOX as "zachdude777". I played the game "Work at a pizza place," and was really amazed at how good the game was. 2 weeks later, I decided to upgrade to Builders Club. One year has passed, and I had upgraded to OBC and began to post on the forums.

Here's another photo in the game file.
This is a leaked photo of his character in the game files

On July 10th, 2012, I saw a post on ATR titled "HELP ME!". I was bored, so I clicked on the title without thinking about what it meant. A user named "jellymcboddy124" made the post. The user said random statements like "HELP 1X1X1X1 IS GOING TO DESTROY ROBLOX!" I replied, saying; "Pfft, give me proof." 30 seconds after I replied, the post was gone. 30 minutes later, whilst I was checking the catalog for hats to buy, I got a PM from a user named "entity_1x1x1x1_name". The message simply said "Come to my game!"

I clicked on the message, and copied a link to a game that is titled with his username and a blank thumbnail. I click to play, and when I do, I spawn in an unusual place. It's a pathway with trees on the side, and the sky is pitch black. I see a dead body of "Matt Dusek", then I saw the admin called "Admin" in a head on collision on a tree. He was obviously dead. I then saw Shedletsky and BrightEyes dead, both of the two holding hands. I then saw the most gory thing in ROBLOX. A version of a guy called "entity_1x1x1x1_name" that was hanged and had a dismembered body, slit throat and rotting body. I walked towards him, but as I was two centimeters away from the tree, I saw static fill my screen. I then saw a ROBLOX popup saying "This game has shut down". Right as I exited the client and went to the game's page, it was gone.

August 1st 2012, whilst I was mining my bitcoins. My miner unexpectedly shuts down, I go to the mining client and see the logs, I see a really unusual thing saying "SHUT_DOWN() DUE; ENTITY_1x1x1x1_NAME". I close the client and head to ROBLOX.com and open the PM I got from entity_1x1x1x1_name. But its blank, the title and the body! I click on his profile but it only comes up onto MY profile! Then my browser redirects me to another ROBLOX game called "Tunnel" made by him.

I click play and wait for the game to open, I spawn in the entrance of the tunnel. Empty, I walk in the tunnel and 10 minutes later, He joins the game. Everything becomes red, my guy turns into stone. I mash the WASD keys but it wasn't responding. Then I see him, on top of me, My screen turns red and after 10 seconds, his face appears with the sinister face. Then my PC get a black, blank screen. I run out of my room never touching that PC again. 1 year later, i decide to act like a man and press "power" on my PC, the normal windows 7 login screen was there. I log on to roblox and notice EVERYTHING on my account was gone, my robux, hats, OBC, everything. I was about to log out when i see that my username has changed, it says "Hi, 1x1x1x1". The beast has been spawned yet again.

10 minutes later, I log out of that account and use my alternative account called "sourk". When I log in, I get a message from "entity_1x1x1x1_name". I open it up and it was titled "you caught me." The body was "You caught me, the heart of Satan has been upon me, but I will return." Then it had a link to another game, I cut & paste the link. It was the same game I went to called "entity_1x1x1x1_name", I click play and I spawn. Everything was the same, the trees and the night, But there were more mods & admins dead! I run up towards the hanged "entity_1x1x1x1_name" and expected to be shut down, but I got teleported to another game!

I spawned in a house, it was a 1950s house. I go inside and I see broken glass, burnt wood, torn paper and broken jewels. Then I see him, sitting on a chair, crying. I walk towards him and I see him chat, here's what he says "...after what ive done, I killed all those innocent people, especially the ROBLOX team, I am guilty, but you cant live to tell the tale..." Then he grabs a rifle and misfires at me. I try to click close but the game went into F11 mode! (fullscreen) I decided to run. I run into a room, it was a dead end; then he is infront of the door, he loads his rifle, and shoots me. I see static, then the game shuts down.

I leave the client and head to the ROBLOX Forums, I go (you mean head to) to ATR and type in "GUYS PLEASE HELP ME! There is a guy named "entity_1x1x1x1_name" and he is trying to kill my ROBLOXian! please help :(" I posted the thread, after refreshing, the first post was by him! it said "ḨEWILL̸" His character was the game guy as the hanged person at his game. then under his post was a guy named "herbert124", he said "Me too! I've been experiencing re directions on my browser!" I invite him to a party and he accepts it. We have a fun chat, then he says "I got to go" Then I was about to say something but then his username changed into "entity_1x1x1x1_name" then left. That was the last time I've encountered him.

So if you do encounter a post that mentions 1x1x1x1, do not reply to it as this will happen.

Originally on Roblox Creepypasta Wiki.

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