11/03/1994 + 11/04/1994

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Dear Henry,

I bought the 40 acres from you a few weeks ago and I'd like to update you on how settling in has been.

The land is beautiful and definitely enough for my tree farm. I'll be moving my family in soon and I'm sure they'll love how scenic it is here. I am going to have to clear out some of the already growing trees and wildlife to start planting, but as of now this place is perfect.

I would like you ask you something about the animals that inhabit the land though. You know those cameras you have set up? Recently they've been picking up tons of movement and when I check there's been some pretty peculiar things I've seen.

Did you happen to have a dog go missing on the property? When I checked the cameras, there were many photos of what looked to be a Great Dane with some sort of markings on it? I don't mean like spots or stripes or anything, I mean that thing has a painted x on its flank and a pentagram on its forhead.

Another critter triggering your cameras recently is what looks like a cat? Or maybe a fox? I'm unsure, but every photo I've got of it, the camera can never pick up its color. It makes it look like some shadow creature.

Each time these things show up, anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour later that camera shuts off on its own. I've checked the battery on all of them and it's not that they've died.

The pictures give me a real uneasy feel, I'm not sure what it is about them but I get goosebumps just thinking about them.

In the envelope that this letter is in there should be two pictures. There the clearest pictures I've gotten of these things.

Take a look,

— John Windman

Credited to MothIsNotImmortal

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