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As I walked down the street, I found an old garage sale. There was LOTS of stuff in it, mostly laptops and stuff, they were all only 1 cent each, I had over $250 in my wallet at the time, so I bought everything, not knowing what was going on. As my neighbors helped me unpack my stuff, one of the laptops turned on, the neighbor said "oops!" Then he turned it off, not knowing it was possessed.

All of the computers were plugged in, some of  the best my favorites a HP pavilion, an old emachine, a new Acer, and the one I was most happy about, the alien ware laptop. There were hundreds more, but I haven't plugged them in yet. So I went to bed, forgetting about this exhausting day. 2 hours later, I woke up from a blood-curdling scream. But the strange thing, all the computer were plugged in, all, 25,500. All around my house. Then I saw blood prints, as I was following them, it led to my porch. Outside, there was the computers dealer body, there was letter drawn by blood, it said, 1-cent is not enough.  I was horrified, so I looked for my house phone, it was plugged into the wall, instead on the desk, I didn't care, I called 911, then I got a voice message which said: 1-cent will always pay you back. Then I heard another scream, it sounded like one of my neighbors, so I ran to get my iPhone 4s, but it was in a debian like screen, it said 1-cent will always watch your back. But then I saw that all my computers were turned on, faced toward me. Then one of the Acers jumped in front and went to a screen, it looked like it had widgets, like windows vista except it had windows XP like start menu/taskbar (later discovered as windows longhorn).

Then all 25,500 computers swarmed up, all plugged-in, some ha card readers, other had USB's some were Macs, some were Alienware, others were dell. Then I saw a laptop dragging a bloody corpse with its hearts in organs carved out, with flies around the corpse. Then, wires starting coming out, then, I saw a thumping heart exposed in the emachine. Then, wires starting coming up, and an error said, "Your next". Then a picture of a cat that said, "I can has heart plz". The picture had a cat with grey fur, but the poor cats eyes had blood coming out and his rib cage exposed, with his heart missing. Also, the Macs got the finder windows up with a red finder, but there was blood pouring from his nose and mouth. I saw that the old e-machine had a picture of a troll that said "u gutted bro?" I actually felt sorry for the troll for some reason because he had spikes separating his lips from his mouth and his brain exposed. As I tried to run for the door, the computers had a wall charger which was standing up right like a snake, then my power went out, and then the computers moved out of the way as... the server dragged its self out with blood all over it, a computer towers shot a disk right at me it missed, after that, my dog came in curious of what is going on; the computer tower shot another disk at its head, and my dogs head got chopped off, as I saw inside the dogs heart last beating, the server them reached inside his cut-off neck and pulled out his heart, then sucked it in, I saw that the computers all got blue screens (except for the computers with Linux and Mac)the computers started to get sparks, and sadly, all my new computers around my house caught on fire, and exploded, but when I thought it was over, the burnt circuits stood up together, and acted like a dog with the sound, and tackled me, and said: "1-cent is enough to kill though." Then, wires started popping up and stabbed into my skin, and the computer circuits said: "Shhhh, 1-cent is not enough to buy me"

Credited to Fentan

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