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Hello, I am a regular roblox player. Well, not anymore. Now i have recurring nightmares of what i have experienced last time a played roblox.

The begining

i was playing roblos for fun. I was just done playing Item Asylum on road blox i accidentally stumbled upon a robloz gam that said it was made by nobody. It was call: SCP old man army / M T F encounter.i played it. I regreted everything doring that. Once it finished loading, the first thing i heard was the rarbloks rpg slash roket launcher noise. Once i decided to start moving, i notised i was surrounded by a bunch of things dat makes u pick up gun. I decided to walk around and then i saw the main thing of the gaem: i saw the SCP old man army and the M T F encounter. I then walked a bit and realisced dat there wure a bunch off free models in de gem oder den de jeps. "Well dis is dum" i said before leaving, i heard the faintest sound. It was something speaking latin backwards. It said, "god of the machine" i was like, wuht? I den look around and saw the main thing dat caused it: a compueter. I den realisded that dere wre more computer dere. I looked to my left then saw a jep. I decided to mess around with it but before i could make it moov, it blew up while i wus in it. I was moar confused then ever. I fout the modl was bad. I den decided dat i should watch hobby kids tv on yutoob. I saw 2 solders but blew dem up becuz they smelt like disgusting chez. i decided to use another jep[ but it accidentally pressed s inted of w so it fell down a hill and crashed. It was upsid down, and den bluw up. I den felt relly stuped for dat, so i decided to wak away and make myself a sandvich. Wen i walked bacc, i for some reason was rite next to anothe; jep.] i was lik, "OMG!!!1!!1! A FIRD WON!!!1 DIZ IS AWSUM!!11!!!" i got into it and accidentally crashed again into a gas tak. Becuz of wut it wus, it blew up agen, but wif fire. My scren went bock, and then i saw my avatar, but something seemed off. It was bleeding everywhere, it had its skin burned, and most of it was peeled off. I den got super scared and decided to leave.

The part where I played D

I then decided tu play somfing more lite harted, so i played D. i spawned in a map dat i never saw before. It was a weerd thing with worm slash meet tentakle fings and it kinda reminded me of (warning: swer) heck. De name of the map was a bunch of ledders changing a bunch ov tiems. I somtiems saw de word "death" in it but it doesn't realy matter. I then descided to walk around wen i accidentally jumped into the larva. I then saw the exact same image i saw earlier, skin peeld off and burnd. I faught to myself, "WAT??? I FOT I GOT AOUT UV DAT GAEM???"" i den saw the image way more oftin. When i got kiled by de meet tentacle / worm, the image. When i got stuck step sister style and deid of susfocation, the image\. Wen i fel into the lasva again, forzen. I the decided to reset but, Boy, i wish i regretted that. N,bb,h when i resaned, i was somwhere far away den evryon else. I den reaised dat my frend joined. Den he asked where was i. I dold him, i dont now. I den accsidentoly flung myself around de map, but den de thing ended. But bifor id did dat, my frend sayed, "im suffocating" when i went bacc to da hub, i realisd dat mi frend my friend was not dere at all. I was sacred and dint now what was happining at all, but bifore i could finush what i was saing, i was instantly teleported to anuther map. Dis time, the map was da undertale map. Peepol were talking randomly until i saw my friend agin. I was so happy to see him bacc, but den i realsed dat wusnt actuoley him. He den transformed into the weird avatar abomunashun dat i keeped seeing. I den decided to run away and clim up a weird tempol thing but then i was jumpsacred by a dab statue falling down and pushing me of de edge. thankfully, i was teliported to the hub bifore i could see de monstrosity image. I den got teleported to anoder map, and my friend was just screaming for no real reason.

my friends pov

Hello, this is the author's friend and here I want to share my POV. So, I was just on the map, but somehow I got flung and saw a really weird and creepy image of "male_cheaple" (the dark room creature) and, I heard a whisper in my ear (i don't use headphones so this was weird) and I believe it said, "This is for the future" and I got super scared and started screaming in the chat and in real life. Now, back to the author's story.

The part where I played D continued

I asked, "Y R U SCREAMING!!!1111!!!!" he then said, "lets not talk about that please" I was very confused. I then decided to leave that game but before I could press the leave button, my whole computer turned of. When I turned it back on, my wallpaper was not my original Minecraft Wallpaper. Instead, it showed an image of my avatar on Roblox laying on the ground, with it's chest opened up so you would be able to see it's insides, and it's organs were in a pile next to it, with some of them on my avatar, and there was something in the background, something which I wish I never saw. It was a dark room creature and there was also text in Filipino under everything else. Thankfully, I knew Filipino because my ancestors used to live in the Philippines. It said, "This is for the future". I still have recurring nightmares of what happened. So much, I stay up at night watching FGTEEV.

4 years later

i am 16 now and i can legally drive and i just got my drivrs lisinse. I was simpoly goieeng to my local KCF for chinken nuggets butt den my brakes feel and i krashed into a bilding and my car ecksploded. I den rememebered dat won fing i saow for yeers ugo and den i realised it wus predictin my future aftur my deaf. i fond it out lick a sertin detective named Smerlock Jomes. When i wus bured, i was still slietliey a life, but i wus bleding relly badly, and my skin was almust peeld of, and de rest off my body burned, like crispy. But den, i heard somefing diging. I was happy and i fought i would be able to get out off teh grave and go to de hospitol and git ficksed but wen i saw who was diging my hart drooped. I saw male_cheople with a knife in its other hand.



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