'SpongeBob SquarePants' contest gone wrong

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On February 30th, 2012, Nickelodeon held a contest where viewers could name an upcoming episode of SpongeBob SquarePants with a title and a background. This left many fans excited, and hyped up since this contest was announced by Patchy the Pirate on TV, and everybody loves Patchy. Just minutes after this announcement it was discovered by...

4chan users...

Eventually, users gave each other brainstorming suggestions on what to name the episode. But there was one idea in particular that everyone agreed with. An anonymous user wanted to name the episode "GAY BLACK MEN KISSING" with the background photo being the black men kissing meme. Hours later, this title card suggestion made it to #1 with exactly 1,962,179 votes. Jesus Christ... Eventually, Nickelodeon took note of this, and they deleted the website just 3 days later. This left 4chan users very pissed off, they really wanted the episode: "GAY BLACK MEN KISSING" to be a thing. So on March 32nd, 2012, Nickelodeon was hijacked by an anonymous 4chan user. It was a fan made version of the episode. I myself, am one of the people who experienced this hijacking. But the thing is, I was really young when this happened, so I'll tell you the story by memory. One day, I was watching TV while my parents were asleep. I was watching Jimmy Neutron on Nick, waiting for SpongeBob to air. When the episode ended, the screen cut to black instead of rolling the credits like usual. Suddenly, blue text started to flash on the screen. It said:

"Hello there, Nick. Remember when you rejected our episode idea a month ago? You know, we will never forget that situation since it left us pissed. But now, we will give you a hijacking you will NEVER forget. Roll the cartoon!"

It was an episode of SpongeBob. But for some reason, it just skipped the intro and cut straight to the episode, and guess what the title card was. The episode was called: "GAY BLACK MEN KISSING" in red text. The background was... you guessed it. That one picture of two black men kissing. The background music was a piano cover of "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley, I was shocked. The only words in the credits were: "LOL NICK I AM WATCHING YOU" The episode started with SpongeBob watching a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy movie. A few seconds into the movie, it featured a new villain. "Stabby the Swordfish" He was.. well, a swordfish who would use his collection of knives for his evil plans. As soon as he was about to stab a fish, the screen cut to static. (SpongeBob's screen, not my screen.) SpongeBob looked at the TV with a fascinated look. Eventually, he said the words: "i will commit mass murder xd haha i am pro so epic" So he went to the kitchen, he grabbed a knife, and he sliced Gary in half with very hyper realistic blood!! SpongeBob laughed maniacally. His laugh sounded like that one laugh from those Quandale Dingle memes. Squidward walked into the pineapple house and he said: "SpongeBob, could you pipe down? I'm trying to sleep!" SpongeBob got mad, and he shot Squidward with a knife, he laughed once more.

He then went to Patrick's house, and he looked at Patrick who was eating a Krabby Patty. Suddenly, SpongeBob broke in, and he started to stab Patrick with hyper realistic blood flying everywhere. It was on the walls, chairs, table, fridge, TV, and the ceiling. After the murder, SpongeBob took Krabby Patty that Patrick was eating, and he removed the patty and replaced it with Patrick's mega hyper realistic liver. "MEET THE LIVER PATTY!" Said SpongeBob as he was doing the Orange Justice Fortnite dance while holding the patty.

A few seconds later, the scene cut to Sandy's treedome, and Sandy was building a robot. She then saw SpongeBob who was just staring there. But something wasn't right, he was faceless and he had giant blue circles for eyes. Eventually, SpongeBob broke the glass, causing water to flood Sandy's house, and he began to kill Sandy with super duper epic gamer super saiyan mega ultra hyper realistic blood, and it was scary as hell! The last thing that Sandy ever said was: "SquarePants, why the barnacle are you flooding my treedome?!"

The episode cut to a montage of SpongeBob killing every single citizen in Bikini Bottom. First, he killed Pearl by shooting her with hyper realistic blood, and then he sliced Plankton with a knife and he used his sliced parts for the pickles on the Liver Patty. He killed Mrs. Puff by stabbing her, using her intestines for the lettuce, and he used her corpse as a lamp. And then he killed Flats the Flounder by... I dunno, I ran out of random brutal ways to get murdered. WAIT, I KNOW! HE KILLED FLATS BY KILLING FLATS BY KILLING FLATS AND HE KILLED FLATS!!! SO HYPER REALISTIC AND SCARY!!!! It cut to a title card that said: "503073810292838 deaths later..." And it showed Mr. Krabs watching TV. "I wonder how SpongeBob and Mr. Squidward are doing..." said Krabs as he was watching a comedy. Suddenly, it cut to a news report that said:

"We interrupt this program with some Breaking News! The new Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy movie has been banned from theaters after thousands of reports of a crazy anonymous yellow fan who was imitating the actions seen in the movie. As of 9:08AM, he has killed almost everyone in Bikini Bottom and his identity is still unknown. We recommend you to stay inside, keep your doors locked, and your windows shut, for this crazy fan could kill anyone anytime! This is Bikini Bottom News signing off." Krabs looked at the screen looking terrified. Mr. Krabs said: "For a second I thought that was SpongeBob." and he laughed right after. Suddenly, he heard a knock on the door. He looked through the peephole, and he saw SpongeBob who was carrying a knife. "MR KRABS I WILL KILL YOU" Said SpongeBob as he was stabbing the door. Mr. Krabs was shocked, realizing that SpongeBob was the killer this entire time. So Krabs grabbed his diamond armor, his enchanted diamond sword, and he yelled: "SPONGEBOB YOU CRAZY BASTARD, GET YOUR ASS IN HERE!" SpongeBob broke through the door, and he was shocked at Mr. Krabs' epic gamer armor. SpongeBob just laughed it off, and they have epic gamer ender dragon minecraft battle. Due to how strong Krabs' armor and sword is, SpongeBob was left at half a heart. But he didn't let that slide, he started to fly, and he killed Mr. Krabs with hyper realistic blood flying everywhere! And finally, the Liver Patty was complete. He grabbed a piece of Mr. Krabs' shell, and he used it for cheese. SpongeBob began to do the Macarena. After all of this, he realized that he had killed every single person in Bikini Bottom. He then looked directly at the screen, and he said: "SATAN MARRY ME I'M SO FUCKING GAY FOR YOU BROO" And he stabbed himself with hyper realistic holes it was so scary I cried so loud that my cry got on the news and I got sent to jail, and my house was shutdown, and they called Kim Jong Un himself to nuke the house, and it killed everyone in the country. You are reading a story made by a man from a deleted country. I will never look at SpongeBob the same ever again.

By the way, I'm not dead. I'm on a survival island right now, and I'm building a Nether portal.

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