"you lookin real sussy over there..."

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after stealing that guy's 19 dollar fortnite card to get some v-bucks and flex on my friends, i felt like i was being watched, sometimes i'd hear the words "you lookin real sussy over there" from a distance on a long way home, or "did you uhh take that fortnite card from me bruh?", it's not even stopping and it sounded like it was coming closer over and over and over.. then suddenly i heard the footsteps sound effect from among us, and i turned around to SEE THE IMPOSTOR CHASING ME!!!!! I RAN AS FAST AS I CAN SO I CAN OUTRUN THE IMPOSTOR! but eventually he tackled me.. and took me to a dark room... i'm now his slave... to whoever who sees this... please save me... oh crap he's coming HELP PLEA- this is the impostor i tackled him and sent him to his room

Written by Trollpasta maker
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