"Why Mario why!"

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It was a dark day in my neighbourhood. I couldn't go outside by myself because my parents were too over protective so I just sat inside all day but I had one thing to keep me entertained video games. I love all video games sonic, pokemon, smash bros, splatoon you name it but the one I loved the most was Super Mario. Mario was the one who kept me entertrained for all these years but there was one problem I've never played Super mario bros. I desperately asked my parents for money to buy it but they always said "no". But my wish was finally granted, my uncle finally came home from Japan and we were all excited to see him but he looked scared and confused, he quickly rushed to me and said "please Tobias please get rid of this demon I can't because he already got to me but with your experience to these type of games I'm sure you can... he stopped talking and ran out of the house screaming. At this point I said to my eleven year old self "was he on drugs?!" Anyway I looked at the cartridge at it said "oiraM" at first I thought it was some crappy NES game but as I looked in the mirror it said "Mario" excited I quickly ran up to my room and forcefully put it in my NES and I turned it on. the title screen was the same one from SMB only this time it said "Mario" I could only play as Luigi. So I started to play. I when I made it to W1-4 things started to seem strange. First there were no enemies, obstacles or question blocks but dismissed it to be only a glitch because this game is thirty-something years old that is until I made it to the boss. Bowser looked terrified Luigi walked slowly over to him. There was a textbox that said "run while you can young soul" then he jumped into the lava screaming in unimaginably ways. Then I froze "Is this really happening? " I bravely picked up the controller and proseeded to play. Then as went to see the toad I saw... him I saw my childhood hero standing in front of me with 8-bit blood all over him. The toad's stomach was cut open and his eyes were popped out. Then Luigi fell on his knees and said with a voice that can't be heard on the NES he said "why Mario why!" then proseeded to kill himself Mario just... stared at his dying brother then he said "oh Luigi (laughs) sweet little Luigi life is meaningless and its not worth living consider this freedom" then he himself jumped in the lava laughing maniacally as he burned to death. I quickly turned of my TV and curled up into a ball and waited, then when everyone fell asleep I went downstairs and into the kitchen. I grabbed a knife from the press and stood there deciding "life or death?" I stood there for hours until I finally made my choice... that was the last thing my brother wrote in his diary before he tragically took his life on that night.

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