"Kirby" WHY?

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Sad Kirby.

i Loved kirby When I Was Little,

he Was Always A Cute Character,

i Also Main kirby In Super Smash Bros.

i Went To Buy A Kirby game For my Nintendo DS,

I Found A Strange SD Card Called,

"Final Fantasy XXX"

It Was Written In a Japanese Font,

Art By Me

i Took It And Went Home,

i Put It In My Nintendo DS And Started Playing,

It Didn't Show The HAL Logo Like It Always Does,

There Was No Title,

Only Press Start,

i Pressed Start,

i Checked Through All The Files,

The Only File Was

"File 0"


i Decided To Click It,

There Was a Cut Scene,

It Started With Blue Greens,

But kirby Looked Different,

He Looked Scared,

kirby Was Crying And blood Was Coming Out Of His Mouth,

i Decided To Control kirby,

But kirby Walked Slow,

"COME ON!!!" i Said,

Later kirby Walked A Little Faster,

Then The Screen Turned Black, (

It Then Showed Kirby With King Dedede

But King dedede Had (hyper-realistic) Blood On His Hammer,

His Eyes Were Black

(hyper-realistic) Blood Was Coming Out Of His Eyes,

King dedede: I'M SORRY KIRBY... I MUST KILL YOU...

Then King Dedede Grabbed The Knife,

Then Dedede Said One Final Thing Before Killing kirby

King dedede: GOODBYE...kirby...

He Then Stabbed kirby

he Was Dead,

he Was In A Puddle Of Blood,

Then It Showed King dedede crying

The Screen Turned Black

then text read

(kirby IS DEAD... YOUR NEXT...)

Then kirby Showed Up,

kirby Was Still Crying And blood Was Coming Out Of kirby Mouth,

i turned the Nintendo DS Off.

I Never Played Any kirby Games EVER Again.

So, For Everyone, If you Find An Odd SD Card, Don't Pick It Up! Instead, Leave it, Because That's What I Should've Done Rather Than A Look At It!

Credited to LilithTheShinyMew 
Originally uploaded on December 19, 2018

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