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Reading threads like these rile me up to try and argue or post something but literally what is the point if it's impossible to reliably asses if someone's post is in good faith? The only answer that makes sense is if I post in bad faith and attempt to derive enjoyment from the chaos, but then all these truths and hot takes suddenly don't mean anything. Of course it's stupid to participate unironically in these discussions, it only makes sense that you shouldn't try to connect with anonymous virgins who might just be looking to shitpost and have the absolute, completely unabashed freedom to write whatever the fuck they want for any purpose. It's especially easy to bait people now because of the sociopolitical landscape; something that's made a lot of people irritable, angry, and easy to fuck with. But it's been like this for years now, surely everyone's in on it now, right? Save for the poor 20 year old sap unfortunately having his fragile brains fucking scrambled.

It begs the question: are any of you truly bigots? Was there ever a truly right-wing wave here? No one here's a fascist at all, huh? I get it now, you must all be relatively reasonable, if particular vicious online, center-to-left shitposters orchestrating massive shit post brigades from various echo chambers and secret clubs, huh? I knew it. I fucking knew it. It's all one gargantuan bad faith act, the largest the world has ever seen. No one in this thread or any and all threads like it that have come before, here now, and come after will ever see. 2013 Internet never left after all, it just went full Tetsuo.

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